Say "Hello" to the leadership team at The Church.

Meet our leadership

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Bryon & Abby Akerman - Lead Pastors

Married since 2009, our Lead Pastors Bryon and Abby have brought all their passions and talents together for God’s purpose and vision for this church. They have 3 beautiful children: Brandon, Jaida and Makiah. They founded The Church back in 2013, and their main mission is to give God every opportunity to show off!

Bryon comes from a Pentecostal background, which might come out with a stomp of the foot or a random shout of “Je-sus” from time to time. He is full of character and Godly wisdom. Bryon will never sugar-coat God’s Word, and he will love you no matter who you are. His unrivaled gift of speaking, quick witted personality, and his talent for effective analogies might leave you speechless! But he will always challenge you with truth and love. 

Abby loves spending time with family, and she might be slightly competitive when it comes to softball, or maybe just anything. Once in awhile you might find her painting furniture or even a mural on a wall! When she’s not singing and playing keys at church, she’s at home schooling her children, and taking care of business! 

Most of all, they love seeing God show off His work through The Church and all of His people!

Tammy Akerman - Associate/ Transition/ Recovery Pastor

She’s never had a drug addiction. She’s never been homeless. She definitely hasn’t been locked up in prison. But you will find this God fearin’ woman in all these places ministering to anyone that will listen! Tammy Akerman, married to the one and only Rick Akerman, has always had a heart for the lost and broken. For the last 10 years, she has spent countless hours reaching out to the drug addicted, the homeless and those in prison. One might say she isn’t qualified because she lacks the real life experience, but she will quickly tell you that there is a God that doesn’t lack in anything! Tammy is the Founder and Leader of Freedom Reigns, our addiction recovery program that meets every week. She also leads a team of people that will go into the prisons, and ministers at the Jesus House on a weekly basis. Tammy’s honesty, wisdom and heart to serve shows the true heartbeat of this church.

Cindy Rodriguez - Business Administrator/Elder

This amazing woman of God is a true pioneer. The foundation and core group started with just four Akerman members...and Cindy! And she’s still here! As a mother of 2 and grandmother of 7, Cindy loves to spend time with her family and travel wherever they might be at the time (both military families). She loves to adorn God's creation through these travels, and her favorite place to be is anywhere outdoors. Her experience through mission trips have allowed her to see other countries and cultures, and has opened her eyes to the beauty of diversity! Cindy is a faithful servant of God, and her loyalty has kept her employed with Price Edwards & Company for the last 32 years. She enjoys cooking, and eating a good steak!  

Ricky Morgan-Street Church (Street Ministry)

If you ever walk into The Church and hear the sweet melodic sound of a guitar, it’s just Ricky doing his thing! But the journey to The Church wasn’t always easy. Growing up in a small farm town, he grew apart from family due to bad choices, but through the grace of Jesus, He has restored those relationships and so much more! Even though Ricky has been playing guitar for 17 years, music isn’t his only passion. He might be quiet, but his love for serving and ministering to the homeless and broken speaks louder than words. Ricky leads a group that goes out on a weekly basis to feed, pray with, and love on the homeless of OKC. Ricky enjoys anything outdoors, and lives to know Jesus and His love, and wants to make His love known to those around him.

Seth and Kim Beers - Director of Youth Ministry

Seth and his wife Kim have been with us for 2 years. In the beginning, their talent of making the best BBQ on this side of town brought them to The Church! These two have a heart to reach our youth! As a kid, Seth could always be found with a football in his hands. He connects well with youth and younger children because he likes to have fun, and he tries to be a comedian…all the time. Kim stays busy making just about everything for The Church out of her home with her vinyl and embroidery business. She crafts, she home schools, and she would do anything for anyone. Kim and Seth have 3 amazing children: Payten, Presley and Paxton. Their main mission and passion together is to see our youth grow into world changers for God’s Kingdom! 

Sammy Phillips - Associate Youth Director

Eve Prentice helped start Hope Church in 2012. Since then, she has served as Hope's office administrator. Eve is married to her husband, Tony.

Annie Pershall- Women's Ministries/Elder

If you know anything about Annie, you would know that it is never about her! She wants God to get all glory and for everyone else to get all the attention. Annie joined The Church team and has passionately overseen the women’s ministry since 2016. Married since 2007, Annie and her husband, Jake, enjoy spending time with their 4 kids: Maverick, Haylee, Avery and Drew. When she isn’t following her kids around watching what they love to do, she is at church serving in every way she can. She loves to camp, hike, read, cook and eat. But her love for God is always what shines through the most!

Brian Heatherington - Men's Ministries

Brian loves being a part of The Church. He is a graduate of Mid-America Christian University and is married to Katina since November 13th, 2008. He has three lovely daughters.  Brian has been involved with prison ministry for several years and looks forward to serving in the prisons of Oklahoma. He has a passion for working with men and challenging them to live in the fullness of God’s call in their lives. He looks forward to serving wherever God leads. 

Nina Flores - Associate Director of Freedom Reigns

Daniel Chase joined the Hope Church leadership team in 2016 as the director of kids ministry. Daniel is currently completing his Master's degree in early child development.

Todd Dean - Media

Jase Southerland - Bus Ministry

Growing up right down the street from The Church, Jase never knew he would be back in the same area where God would completely transform his life. And now he’s playing a part in helping to do that for others! After a struggle with drug addiction for 25 years, he entered a rehab program in 2016 at the Jesus House. From there, he immediately started riding The Church bus in order to attend church services. Now, Jase is the one driving that bus and he gets to share his story with those fighting the same battle. Besides his passion for ministry, Jase loves his job at Marriott Hotels, and he enjoys spending time with his two amazing daughters, Abbie and Megan.

Terry & Linda Schultz- New Believers/Elders

Rick Akerman - Facilities/Elder

How do you give a title to a man that literally does EVERYTHING at The Church? From church security, to fixing anything gone wrong or broken, putting up a wall, or tearing down a wall, counting money, or helping someone find their seat, Rick Akerman does it all. You might even catch him preaching a good Word to someone once in awhile! Rick partners with his wife, Tammy, in all things, and together they make a strong foundation for this ministry. When you come to The Church, Rick will always be there to greet you with a big smile, and a good laugh!