Our outward expression of faith

WE ARE A COMMUNITY OF LIARS, DREAMERS, AND MISFITS- We will advocate for broken and marginalized people everywhere, both inside and outside of the church. We will be a house of mercy

WE ARE A PEOPLE OF THE FUTURE- We act in fearless conviction that the rules have changed because of the cross. We will not be reactionary to anything or anyone and because of the resurrection, will initiate a reality based upon Eternity.

WE ARE NOT A PERFECT PEOPLE, BUT WE WILL NOT USE THAT AS AN EXCUSE- We are an ongoing process of growth, change, and development. We will own up to where we are, but we wont stay here.

WE WILL BUILD ALTARS IN THE WORLD- We will collect and tell Kingdom stories. we will remember and honor the times God marks our lives.

WE WILL EMBRACE THE EUCHARIST- We celebrate the communion as the full expression of God’s use of flesh to accomplish His purpose. We believe life in the spirit has to be lived out in the body. Our own bodies are now broken with His for the sake of the world.

WE ARE YOUR CHURCH, YOUR PARENTS CHURCH, YOUR GRANDPARENTS CHURCH, AND YOUR GREAT-GRANDPARENTS CHURCH- We embrace the church’s past, present, and future. We seek intergenerational and cultural diversity. We will harness the classic spiritual practices and truths that transcend time and place. We are a local representation of a timeless ministry.

WE WILL REACH OUT WITHOUT DUMBING DOWN- We will challenge you to think hard about God, church, and the culture. We will not treat you like a consumer, but as a co-conspirator in the re-imaging of the world.

WE WILL ENGAGE BOTH INTELLECT AND EMOTION- We will incite worship that incorporates both knowledge and passion, believing that the head and the heart are to be integrated and not divorced.

WE ARE NOT LOOKING TO ESCAPE THE WORLD, BUT TO ENGAGE IT- We believe the Earth is the Lord’s and all that is in it. We anticipate His Kingdom coming and His will being done on Earth as it is in Heaven. We will not be done engaging the world until the final restoration of creation.